After a long phase of developing in the U.S., the original English script is adapted in Italian: LOVE IS BLONDE is ready for its international debut! The Italian version opens in the playwright’s hometown of Turin, Italy at the Astra Theater in fall 2017 to great acclaim by critics and audience alike.

Argia Coppola joins forces with director Cristina Pezzoli and costume designer Irina Shabayeva (winner of Project Runway U.S.) to bring to life a unique, groundbreaking, powerful show. The incredibly textured life and synergy of two women unfolds on stage following the life of Marilyn/ Norma Jeane, and is echoed off stage, too. In combining their respective crafts into a theatrical performance, Coppola, Pezzoli and Shabayeva manage to convey an absolutely precious message: women who team up and create together can really achieve their dreams.    

Progression of Marilyn/ Norma Jeane’s life unfolding on stage at the Italian debut


The official Italian playbill


Produced by Fondazione CRT and Associazione Il Cane di Pavlov
Executive Producer – Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa

Directed by Cristina Pezzoli
Dramaturg – Gabriele Scarfone
Costume Designer – Irina Shabayeva
Adaptation’s Development – Steve Hughes


MARILYN MONROE/ The Blonde Actress – Vera Dragone
NORMA JEANE BAKER / The Blonde Actress – Silvia Giulia Mendola
GLADYS MORTENSEN / Mother of the Blonde Actress – Gilda Postiglione
WHITEY / The Make-up Artist – Oreste Valente
JOE DI MAGGIO / The Ex-Player – Alessandro Meringolo
ARTHUR MILLER / The Playwright – Roberto Petruzzelli
JFK / Mr. President – Beniamino Zannoni

Director’s Assistant – Luca Orsini
Light Designer – Mauro Panizza
Music by Vladimiro Croce, Luciano Troja, Roberto Scarcella Perino, Giancarlo Mazzù, Alessandro Nidi
Graphic Designer – Francesca Macrì
Press – Giulia Calligaro